Thomas Behrend

  • Born and raised in Hamburg, Germany
  • Studied engineering and interned as a nature film cameraman
  • Worked as a cameraman on both land and underwater productions since 1988
  • Founder of BLUE PLANET FILM in 1991

It all began when the seven-year-old Thomas Behrend was captivated by Jacques Cousteau's deep sea films. During his college years, the enthusiastic SCUBA diver took his first underwater pictures. In 1988, he received his first film production job about shipwrecks in the Baltic Sea.

After completing college, he learned camera work from the bottom up with the German film producer Dr. Walter Sigl and founded his own company, BLUE PLANET FILM, in 1991. Since then, Thomas Behrend has produced and shot more than 100 TV magazine and news reports as well as nature films in numerous countries all over the world. His unique underwater shots have received many » awards. In the current NDR series, Abenteuer Ozean (Adventure Ocean), Thomas Behrend has finally followed in Cousteau's footsteps: As the leader of an underwater expedition, he was on camera for the first time while sharing the oceans' mysteries with viewers.

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