Christina Karliczek

  • Born in Groningen, the Netherlands
  • Education as a media designer at Deutsche Welle TV, Berlin, Germany
  • Works as freelance camerawoman/ cinematographer for underwater, wildlife and documentaries; director

Christina Karliczek began her career in 1997 with internships in film production, followed by training at the german foreign broadcast channel Deutsche Welle. Soon she was off to travel for TV documentaries, reportages and commercials abroad - first as camera assistant, later, in 2004, with her own eye at the viewfinder. Her fascination of marine life and dive-addiction made her take cinematography into another element - and focus on underwater filming and technology in 2005.
Ever since, she regularly works with Blue Planet Film as underwater filming specialist and as wildlife camerawoman. She is a dedicated cave- and icediver and has joined several Blue Planet Film expeditions all around the globe.
Our documentary Polar Bears - Walking on Thin Ice in which Christina was involved with over a 2 year period, was rewarded as Best German Wildlife Film at the 2008 Naturvision Festival, and the Silver Magnolia Natural History at the 2008 Shanghai Film Festival.
In 2008 she took the challenge into another extreme: through the dense jungle of Central Africa, she was to follow a group of lowland gorillas during 3 years for the family-portrait documentary 'Angelique and the Gorillas'.
Today Christina Karliczek works both underwater and on land as wildlife camerawoman for NDR Natural History Expeditionen ins Tierreich, ZDF and ARTE and international Co-productions with BBC and National Geographic.
With The Rise of The Ocean Sunfish, and a documentary about the illusive Mediterranean Monkseal Mission Monkseals, Christina premiered as director and producer.

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