South Africa - The 8th Continent (working title)
TV Production, NDR / WDR / ARTE / NAT GEO (48'')

South Africa - a country as diverse as an entire continent: where two oceans meet, where penguins and lions practically rub noses; where rugged mountain ranges straight out of "The Lord of the Rings" alternate with the endless savannah. Rich green vineyards are just as much a part of South Africa as the great white shark and the red Kalahari desert. It is the incredible wealth of natural landscapes and habitats which makes this country so special - a birthplace of life.
South Africa is a place of superlatives: the world's three largest land mammals live here as well as the tallest, the fastest and the smallest mammals.
South Africa is home to more than 22.000 plant species, 70% of which can be found only there. A whole floristic kingdom contained in only one country - where else in the world could you find that?!
South Africa is a country of climatic extremes: heat and drought characterise the North West, a bleak mountain climate defines areas of high altitude while a mild Mediterranean climate allows the grapes growing on the hillsides of Stellenbosch and Franschhoek to ripen - and all of these extremes occur at the same time, regardless of the season. Why are there such enormous climatic differences in one country? And how can the animals survive?
South Africa is where the oldest known fossils were found and even today the biodiversity to be found there is unique. Why is there such a diversity in such a restricted space? Why is South Africa such a paradise? Why is life developing precisely here? The three-part series "South Africa - The 8th Continent" investigates these mysteries!