Jorn Schumann

  • Born in Hamburg, Germany
  • A-levels at Elsensee Gymnasium Quickborn 2010
  • Since 2012 training as media designer at BLUE PLANET FILM
  • Specialist in filming with the Microcopter

After successfully passing the A-levels in 2010 Jorn Schumann started an internship at BLUE PLANET FILM. Since February 2012 he is a trainee in media design and is now an inherent part of the team at most of the shooting trips.
Working very hard he became an expert in filming with the hexacopter, a skill only a handful of people in Germany have. Jornīs main hobby is photography and he continuously extends his knowledge, especially in doing time lapses.
Being enthusiastic about technology and even-tempered Jorn Schumann has the necessary prerequisites to operate the Microcopter even with difficult shooting conditions. With this he captures unique images for the documentaries of BLUE PLANET FILM.

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